IDE ultraDMA problem (hackers WAS via IDE controller problem) - SOLVED !!

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Aug 15 08:28:43 PDT 2007

On Saturday 11 August 2007 12:11:21 pm Mario Lobo wrote:
> after a long,long search, I found that chip id 0x53371106 belongs to SATA150 
> controller, not PATA !! Then I enabled all mass storage controllers on the 
> board ( although no SATA drives present ), then two more ids showed up:
> chip=0x016a10de  (jmicron SATA300)
> chip=0x05711106 <- thats it !! 
> Then I went iinto   /usr/src/sys/dev/ata/ata-pci.h  and changed the line
> from
> #define ATA_VIA8237A            0x05911106
> to
> #define ATA_VIA8237A            0x05711106
> recompiled, install and BANG!

6.x already has support for this ID as:

#define ATA_VIA82C571           0x05711106

so you shouldn't have needed to change the code at all.

John Baldwin

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