Australian cvs repository

Robert McKenzie vk7rb at
Tue Aug 14 23:44:17 PDT 2007

Has anyone noted that the Australian cvs repository seems to be so 
hopelessly out of sink that you cannot do a clean build using a clean cvsup.

I have just tried to cvsup from after deleting all 
of the src tree and also any cvs log/check files so that it was 
basically a clean cvs.

After repeatedly trying to buildkernel and having constant failures at 
different points I did a little more digging and found in one case that 
the .h file was adrift of the matching .c file and after getting a later 
version of the .h file which fixed one error, it then broke somewhere 
else in the build.

So back to the drawing board and start again with a fresh cvs, this time 

Problem fixed, buildkernel went through without missing a beat.

After having done all that I then remembered why I gave up on the 
Australian cvs repository years ago although I had forgotten why until 
now, it was exactly because of the above problem.

Robert McKenzie.

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