[PATCH] newsyslog - don't compress first log file

Dirk GOUDERS gouders at et.bocholt.fh-ge.de
Fri Aug 10 05:23:40 PDT 2007

> How about aditional flag ("X") to newsyslog, which don't compress first 
> log file?

How about using the flag "0" similar to that in newsyslog written by
Theodore Ts'o of MIT Project Athena:

         0       The 0 flag means that the most recent archive of the log
                 file (i.e. the one that ends in ``.0'') should not be
                 compressed even when the Z flag is given.  (This flag may
                 also be specified as P for compatability with NetBSD.)
                 This flag is necessary when managing log files written
                 directly to by long-running processes (eg.  smail, httpd,
                 etc.).  This flag also makes it more convenient to browse
                 through the most recently archived log file without hav-
                 ing to first uncompress it or use tools like zmore, or
                 zgrep, etc.

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