powerd feature proposal...(and a small problem)

Evren Yurtesen yurtesen at ispro.net
Wed Aug 8 09:49:36 PDT 2007


The problem is with an 8 processor system. If a process is not threaded and 
starts using 100% cpu time of a single processor, the system still shows over 
80% idle. Whereas this single process works really slow if the system is already 
at the slowest speed. Is there a simple way to fix this problem? It is not so 
big problem but sometimes it is quite annoying :)

Also I am currently using acpi_ppc 
(http://www.spa.is.uec.ac.jp/~nfukuda/software/) for adaptive CPU speeds on some 
machines. It gives performance statistics like:

hw.acpi.cpu.px_supported: 2200 1800 800
hw.acpi.cpu.px_usage: 3.33% 3.33% 93.33%

Is it possible for powerd to create similar sysctl entries?


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