Problems with rpc.statd and PAE

Don Lewis truckman at
Thu Aug 2 21:32:21 UTC 2007

On 31 Jul, João Carlos Mendes Luís wrote:
> Hi,
>     Sent this to -questions, but got no answer.  Now I'll try -hackers...
>     I've just configured my first server with 4G RAM.  To use it, I had
> to select PAE in kernel config.  I was a little bit troubled by it's
> advice not to use modules (is it that critical?), but got it running.
>     But when it is running on PAE, NFS statd refuses to run:
> # /etc/rc.d/nfslocking start
> Starting statd.
> rpc.statd: unable to mmap() status file: Cannot allocate memory
> Segmentation fault
> #
>     Using strace I found it was trying to mmap the status file, at
> /var/db/statd.status:
> open("/var/db/statd.status", O_RDWR)    = 10
> mmap(0, 268435456, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_SHARED, 10, 0) = -1 ENOMEM
> (Cannot allocate memory)
>     It's really strange to have mmap len = 256M, specially because the
> file is always small.  But it works without PAE, and do not work with
> PAE.  And it is described in the handbook:

I've been seeing this same problem for a long time on an 7.0-CURRENT
i386 machine with 1GB of RAM, and I'm not using PAE.  I haven't
discovered any obvious cause for the problem.

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