Is anyone working on a port of ZFS to FreeBSD

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<snip> (I forgot to mention Apple is interested in it too)

> Since this is a project that would benefit just about anyone using 
> FreeBSD, it would be good to see a project like this get funding or do a 
> fund raise.
> As a summer of code project I would assume this would be to difficult of 
> a project to for anyone but those of a fair amount of experience?
> Mike

Back in the days when IBM released their JFS for Linux, there was a written
petition asking IBM to relax the license so that it would be ported to the
BSDs. IBM didn't accept but it was really nice to see all the BSDs together on
Porting it to one BSD will help the others, but maybe (and this is mere
speculation) it would be easier for FreeBSD once Dtrace is finished/imported
and we get some extra OpenSolaris compatibility in the headers. FWIW, I'd also
like to see libumem ported.

That said, these projects usually pick up only when someone takes the flag and
starts on it's own, making it easier for an interested expert to continue and
polish the initial effort.


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