NOW: version 0.58 (Re: kldfind, updated for version 0.56 )

Ricardo A. Reis ricardo_bsd at
Thu May 25 05:51:02 PDT 2006

> See the manpage for sysexits(3).  Both should return EX_USAGE (64) in  
> this
> case.  You should only return EX_OK (0) if the command was successful.   
> If
> you're spitting out usage text, return EX_USAGE.
> or a multi-line usage (e.g. something like bsdlabel(1)):
> 	kldfind [-qv] -c category ...
> 	kldfind [-qv] -s string   ...
> 	kldfind  -h

   Hi Rick,

   Greats for your feedback, i accept your sugestion and update kldfind and  
man for version v058,

   One questions !!

   What is necessary for include kldfind in HEAD ?


Ricardo A. Reis
Unix and Network Adm

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