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william wallace avalonwallace at gmail.com
Wed May 24 00:48:49 PDT 2006

IN static device_method_t pci_methods[] = {
what is the freeBSD's magic to connect pci_read_config_method    wtih
PCI_READ_CONFIG? awk script?and so on?
DEVMETHOD(pci_read_config,	pci_read_config_method), in pci.c
command = PCI_READ_CONFIG(dev, child, PCIR_COMMAND, 2); in
pci_enable_io_method in pci.c

and what if i create a new method in pci method interface ?
such as   DEVMETHOD(pci_have_rest ,	pci_have_rest_method)
what else should i do when i want to use PCI_HAVE_REST(dev ) point to

On 5/23/06, Scott Long <scottl at samsco.org> wrote:
> william wallace wrote:
> [...]
> > MSI:
> > I've bantered around different suggestions for an API that will support
> > this.  The basic thing that a driver needs from this is to know
> > exactly how many message interrupt vectors are available to it.  It
> > can't just register vectors and handlers blindly since the purpose of
> > MSI is to assign special meanings to each vector and allow the driver to
> > handle each one in specifically.
> [...]
> I just wanted to briefly say that an MSI implementation has been done
> recently, and that it should start getting wider circulation and review
> soon.  That's not to say that more work and design can't be done in this
> area, but we should probably wait a bit and see what has been done
> already.
> Scott

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