state of growfs?

Charles Sprickman spork at
Tue May 23 21:26:26 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I've gotten somewhat fed up with the SCSI hardware RAID stuff out there, so I'm 
jumping ship and going with 3Ware SATA for a new PGSQL server.

It's fairly important to me to be able to "grow" the filesystem.  We'll be 
starting with 6 or 8 250GB drives and going up to the max of 12 we can hang off 
of that controller.  Aside from all the problems with 2TB+ filesystems, this 
kind of looks possible.  3Ware claims they can expand a volume, and they also 
mention that it should work with FreeBSD (but stop short of explaining how).

growfs seems to be the thing to use, but I'm seeing very little about it in the 
archives.  Is it reliable?  Can it deal with large filesystems? Anyone here 
have personal experience with it?



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