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On 5/22/06, Warner Losh <imp at bsdimp.com> wrote:
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> Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 16:08:00 +0800
> > On 5/21/06, Warner Losh <imp at bsdimp.com> wrote:
> > > nope.  It may be called once per bus instance per driver, if the bus
> > > is not self-identifying.  If the bus is self-idntiying, chances are
> > > that it will not be called.  pci never calls its children drivers'
> > > identify routine because it already knows all the children on the bus
> > > and doesn't need the leaf drivers to go find instances of themselves.
> > > the isa bus driver, on the other hand, does call the identify routine
> > > so that pre-plug and play standard device enumeration can happen.
> > >
> > > Warner
> > the defination of  self-enumerating
> > 1
> > what does self-enumerating mean ?
> self-enumerating or self-identifying mean the same thing.  The bus
> driver is able to know all of its children.  This may be because
> there's a method to finding them, or the bus may have perfect
> knowledge of what is there by other means.

> PCI, CardBus, PC Card, USB, Firewire, and EISA are all examples of
> self enumerating busses.  You can know that you have a device, and the
> device can provide information about its existance.  ISA is the
> odd-man out.  It isn't possible to know when you have an ISA card in a
> given slot.  There are some add-on hacks to be able to discover the
> devices.  ISAPNP is one such hack.  Really old Realtek adapters have
> another.  3Com cards have yet another.  It was for these old, pre-plug
> and play enumeration techniques that the identify routine was
> invented.

o ,really thanx,first time to identity the meaning of IDENTIFY

> >  2
> > does that mean the pci way of   looping through configuration space ?
> Yes.
> > 3
> > does that happen in start time and hotplug time ?
> That happens at attach time.  Cardbus right now has a private protocol
> between the card bus bridge (cbb) and the bus to know when there's a
> new card in a slot and to enumerate that bus.
i think that 's because in cardbus protocol ,one bus only  have one
device ,so does pci express port  (port :device =1:1)
> > 4
> > pci doesn't need the leaf drivers to go find instances of themselves.
> > does that  mean that   self-enumerating  device  system use the  top down way ,
> > and the non- self-enumerating  device system  use the down -top way
> Right.  FreeBSD's device enumeration model is top down.
> > 5
> > i guest pci hot plug need some magic to identify or emulae(loop pci sons )
> Yes.  The hot plug bridge would need to tell its child bus about
> changes to the bus.  This might mean the child bus does a full
> enumeration, or a partial one.  Cardbus does a full enueration, but
> each card bus slot is its own bus.
> > BTW
> > There r so many hot plug specifications ,SHPC hotplug ,PCIE hotplug
> > and compaq hotplug and so on , in linux ,they use different driver for
> > different pci
> > bridge
> > so i think for us to implement in freeBSD ,just do 1 by 1:)
> Yes.  We'd need todo something similar in FreeBSD.  Chances are that
> the best way to approach this would be to add hotplug functionality
> directly to the pci bus, and teach cardbus the new protocol.
> Warner
so there will be a long list of methods in the future hotplug pci
driver and pcib driver
SHPC interface ..
PCIE interface
compaq interface
IBM interface ....
poer interface
thanks ,sir !
we who r about to die,salute u!

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