kldfind, updated for version 0.56

Ricardo A. Reis ricardo_bsd at yahoo.com.br
Sun May 21 10:28:59 PDT 2006

Hi all,

       I corrected option implementation, now kldfind accept options in any  


0.56:	Corrected use of getopts,
       Mupdated man with option and examples (is necessary re-view option  
in pod2man for pre-formate string)

       I've two questions,

       First about exit codes, when program is executed without options,  
how this must return ?
       kldunload and kldload not return the same exit codes,

    [ricardo at myfreebsd:~/kldfind] # kldload
usage: kldload [-v] file ...
zsh: 48524 exit 1     kldload

[ricardo at myfreebsd:~/kldfind] # kldunload
usage: kldunload [-fv] -i id ...
        kldunload [-fv] [-n] name ...
zsh: 48539 exit 64    kldunload

[ricardo at myfreebsd:~/kldfind] # ./kldfind-v056
usage: kldfind-v056 [-chqsv] ...

       In kldfind i return 0

         The last question is about short description in -v (verbose  
output), i use
this line for capture from man line after NAME section,

man acpi |col -b|awk '/^NAME/,/-/ { gsub(/^.* [-]+ |^.* -- |(   
)+|^[ ]+|--$/,"") ; print  }'|\
                 tail -n1 |tr '\n' ' ' 2>&1

	This work for severals man, it acceptable ?

     Thanks for any comments.


Ricardo A. Reis
Unix and Network Admin

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