qemu is unusable on my smp box

Ivan Voras ivoras at fer.hr
Sat May 13 12:06:17 UTC 2006

Paolo Pisati wrote:

> all these problems occur on a dualcore pentiumd 920 (2.8Ghz),
> 2gb ram, intel 945g (X in vesa mode- agp doesn't attach) 
> (see dmesg attached), while the exact same freesbie images runs 
> fine on a 6.1 centrino at 1.6ghz 512mb ram and intel 915g (X with i810 
> and dri).

I don't know for sure, but for me something similar (i.e. extremely low 
performance) happens with every SDL application (and qemu uses SDL) when 
X.Org doesn't use DRI. No matter how fast the machine is, I can trace 
window redrawing line by line with my eyes.

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