Exiting Xorg panics Core Duo laptop

Rick C. Petty rick-freebsd at kiwi-computer.com
Fri May 12 17:44:19 UTC 2006

On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 09:07:03PM -0500, Eric Anderson wrote:
> I'd use the nv driver instead, however I'm not sure how to make it work 
> with this screen (1920x1200).

This is my entry for my Dell 2405FPW:

Section "Monitor"
	Identifier	"Monitor1"
	DisplaySize	520 330		# yes, I measured it
	HorizSync	30.0-81.0
	VertRefresh	56.0-76.0
	Mode "1920x1200"
		DotClock 154.0
		HTimings 1920 1968 2000 2080
		VTimings 1200 1203 1209 1235
	Option		"DPMS"

I can't remember if I needed the frequencies-- I had some initial problems
using the DVI input and nvidia not detecting things correctly, but then I
added this to the Device section:

	Option	"ConnectedMonitor"	"DPF-1"


-- Rick C. Petty

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