Fingerprint Authentication

Alain Hebert ahebert at
Fri May 5 19:26:09 UTC 2006

    In most implementation I saw it was coupled with a rfid card (short 
distance < 1inch (2.5cm))

    And for usage at entrance of datacenter -> a network of camera.

    Its not spy proof...  but good enought for your average lamer.

Fredrik Lindberg wrote:

> Alin-Adrian Anton wrote:
>> In that case, it means the "matching" is a proabilistic 
>> distance-computing algorithm. This sux, for any sort of real remote 
>> logins.
> Yes. That's probably an accurate description.
> I'm by no means an expert in the biometric field, far from it.
> But in my most humble option, I think it would be *very* difficult
> to obtain an identical sample every time.
> When it comes to fingerprints the environment probably plays a big role
> in the sample, for example light conditions, skin moisture, dust on the
> sensor etc.
> Maybe there are other people on this list with better insight in this
> field?
> Fredrik Lindberg
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