Fingerprint Authentication

Fredrik Lindberg fli+freebsd-hackers at
Fri May 5 07:03:13 UTC 2006

Daniel O'Connor wrote:
> On Friday 05 May 2006 05:38, Alin-Adrian Anton wrote:
>> 	SSH can do pam authentication.
> Not sure the driver will work in FreeBSD..
> There is bioapi in ports though.
> Oops. looks like ports wins again.. security/bsp_upektfmess

The driver should work fine locally. But using it remote (via ssh etc)
is probably a no-go because verification of the fingerprint records are 
done by UPEKs driver at the hardware level.

The only way as I see it (to even make it possible with UPEKs driver)
is to have a reader at both the remote machine and the client machine
and then capture a BioAPI record at the client machine and have the 
server verify it. But that involves transferring the record in a secure
way to the server.

Fredrik Lindberg

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