Core Duo - only one cpu being used

Eric Anderson anderson at
Fri May 5 02:50:56 UTC 2006

Darren Pilgrim wrote:
> Eric Anderson wrote:
>> Forgive me if I've missed this on a list somewhere, but My new laptop 
>> with a Core Duo doesn't seem to use both CPU's.  It sees both, but I 
>> never see anything on cpu 1.  Here's a top snippet:
> Your top output shows a single process eating the CPU.  A single process 
> can't span CPUs, so you're only going to see one CPU in use.  You need 
> to do something in parallel, like make -j N where N > 1.

I understand that a single process won't span cpu's, but there isn't a 
single process on the second cpu, and running multiple:

cat /dev/random | md5

Still slams one cpu.


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