Zero Copy, FreeBSD and Linus Torvalds opinion

Lucas Holt luke at
Mon May 1 22:07:28 UTC 2006

Jamie Bowden wrote:
> SunOS 4.1.4 (aka Solaris 1.1.?(1 maybe?  It's been a long time now.))
> was the final release of SunOS 4.  It was basically 4.1.3_U1 with a
> couple of other minor fixes merged in.  I spent a very long time
> porting software from SunOS  4 to Solaris 2.3|4|5 during that time as
> we transitioned from our older Sun4c|m based servers and hosts to
> Sun4u (which of course only ran Solaris 2.5 and beyond (or Solaris 4
> with patches, but those weren't general release and outside of Sun and
> Pixar, I don't know anyone who had access to these)).
> Jamie Bowden
> -- 
> "It was half way to Rivendell when the drugs began to take hold"
> Hunter S Tolkien "Fear and Loathing in Barad Dur"
> Iain Bowen <alaric at>

Well I bought the system for $30 used through a company I worked for.  
They often bought equipment at auctions.  This system came from a large 
pharmaceutical  company with the drive still intact.  I used the OS on 
it for several months.  It was an old Sun SparcStation IPC (or ipx?).  
It only had a floppy drive and netbsd was installable with boot floppies 
and ftp.  The system died on me about 2 years ago and I just bought a 
newer system on ebay.  It was quite easy to change the root password.  
In sun os you just booted to single user.  With solaris you can do it 
with a netbsd floppy :) 


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