Boot manager beep (revisited)

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Mon May 1 12:17:13 UTC 2006

Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

>I'd certainly prefer it if the beep was turned *off* by default,
>but I'm not sure if that's what everyone prefers.  This is why I
>opted for keeping the current behavior and making my personal
>preference an option :)
The beep didn't appear until 5.X (and generated quite a few complaints), 
so the weight of history is behind no beep!  The only argument in favour 
of the beep that I ever so was headless machines.  I suspect this could 
easily turn into a bit of a bikeshed, and a way to turn off beeps 
without patching boot.S every time would be good regardless of what the 
default is.  But my vote definitely goes for: headless=beep, headed=no 
beep.  IMHO, the beep in 5.X astonished me (in a minor, but particularly 
irritating, way) and I bet you'd get lots of people saying "thank you 
for getting rid of that damn beep".  The trouble I see with 
on-by-default is that many people won't realise they can now turn it 
off.  I probably shouldn't suggest that it should be an option in 
sysinstall ;-)


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