Building a sandboxed kernel

John Baldwin jhb at
Thu Jul 27 17:35:18 UTC 2006

On Saturday 22 July 2006 21:07, R. Tyler Ballance wrote:
> I'm working on a project that relies on me building kernels outside  
> of the standard /usr/src (typically ~/perforce/projects/ ) on my  
> relatively standard 6.1-STABLE workstation. I'm wondering if I'd be  
> best suited by setting up a jail for kernel builds, I'm following  
> this doc: loosely  
> because I've created a new "arch folder" in src/sys for the kernel  
> code that I want to build (right now it's unmodified i386 code)
> Between varying versions of userland tools (like config(8)) and path  
> troubles, I'm wondering what tips anybody has to doing non-standard  
> builds of the kernel (non-standard being not in /usr/src and not the  
> host arch)
> Currently the make command I'm using, which doesn't work, is (/usr/ 
> obj is chmod'd 777):
> make TARGET_ARCH=iguana DESTDIR=/home/tyler/iguana buildkernel
> Any suggestions?

For the case where /usr/src is the same branch you can do this (I do this to 
test-compile cross-builds where the kernel tree isn't in /usr/src/sys):

% cd /usr/src
% make TARGET_ARCH=amd64 kernel-toolchain
% make TARGET_ARCH=amd64 buildkernel KERNSRCDIR=/home/jhb/work/p4/smpng \ 

John Baldwin

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