puc question

Volker volker at vwsoft.com
Wed Jul 26 11:21:58 UTC 2006

Hi hackers,

I've found the following message in /usr/src/UPDATING:

> 20060428:
> 	The puc(4) driver has been overhauled. The ebus(4) and sbus(4)
> 	attachments have been removed. Make sure to configure scc(4)
> 	on sparc64. Note also that by default puc(4) will use uart(4)
> 	and not sio(4) for serial ports because interrupt handling has
> 	been optimized for multi-port serial cards and only uart(4)
> 	implements the interface to support it.

Does the puc driver now obsoletes sio as it's going to use uart instead?

I've found nothing in the commit message for puc.c 1.47 in the cvs.

The GENERIC kernel config still has device sio in it and device puc
is still commented out by default.

I'm wondering about puc because sio deals badly with higher baud
rates (kern/51982) and the UPDATING message and puc might be a
solution for that. I'm currently rebuilding world and a sio-free
kernel to check that out.



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