LinkLib Issues In freebsd Lazarus

Bob Richards bob at
Sun Jul 16 22:59:19 UTC 2006

Steve Kargl wrote:

> I realized this.  However, the OP had 2 problems.  
> He had problems installing fpc because of library 
> issues.  

No, I had a problem compiling Lazarus because of an incorrect library
call in FPC. FPC installed/compiled correctly from the freepascal
_sources_ (Not available via ports). What's called sources in ports is
nothing more than a collection of pre-built binaries and libs.

To compile Lazarus, you need FPC-2.0.2 source tree,

> lang/fpc will remove those problem.  

Whether or not the pre-built ports FPC has the proper libs compiled in
or not is meaningless, since I need a good source tree. The only way to
get one of those on freebsd is to manually patch the freepascal sources.

Do you know of a freebsd-patched FPC-2.0.2 source?

> 2nd problem was with Lazarus.  If he had a working
> coherent fpc, it may be easier to build Lazarus.
> He could even submit a port.

I will submit a port if I can get Lazarus to compile. What's needed to
compile Lazarus is a proper 2.0.2 source tree (binaries won't do), and a
Lazarus source tree which properly calls for available/proper freebsd
libs. Neither of which exist AFAIK.


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