kern/99979: Get Ready for Kernel Module in C++

Mike Meyer mwm-keyword-freebsdhackers2.e313df at
Tue Jul 11 23:03:36 UTC 2006

In <20060711224627.GA93273 at>, Rick C. Petty <rick-freebsd at> typed:
> On Wed, Jul 12, 2006 at 02:25:21AM +0800, mag at wrote:
> > Good packages for various APIs are much easier to learn/debug than those
> > original APIs.
> What makes you say that C++ would provide a good API?

Good point. About the only thing C++ has going for it as an OO
language is popularity. If the goal is just to provide better API in
the kernel, then there are certainly better languages to add.

D comes to mind. I'd much rather write D than C++ - but that's got
more to do with C++ than D, as it's true for most substitutes for
D. But D is OO - done much better than C++ - and has a front end
available for GCC. It may not be a good choice, as I haven't looked at
it seriously. But I certainly wouldn't start trying to improve the
FreeBDS kernel by adding support for a new language without doing so.

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