Call for Status Reports: 07/07

Max Laier max at
Sat Jul 8 15:14:26 UTC 2006

On Sunday 25 June 2006 21:39, I wrote:
> All,
> it's time for the Status Reports for the second quater of 2006.  During the
> last three month a lot of progress has been made.  FreeBSD 6.1 and 5.5 are
> released, a new round of Google's Summer of Code has been started, and a
> very productive Developer Summit took place during BSDCan.  On top of that,
> we are now running on Sun's new architecture and a lot of progress has been
> made for the arm platform, making FreeBSD more viable in the embedded
> market.
> We hope that all your projects made good progress as well and would like to
> hear about it.  Please share your news and progress over the last three
> month with us.  Submission are due by 7 July, 2006.
> Once again, submissions are not limited to FreeBSD developers.  We will
> happily include non-code projects of any kind as long as it is FreeBSD
> related.
> For previous reports and submission details, please see:

Last call, if you have something to submit but didn't yet, let me know *now* 
about it and send in the report ASAP!!

We have a really good turnout already, so we won't be waiting much longer.


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