SATA300 Controllers

Boris Samorodov bsam at
Thu Jul 6 08:39:36 UTC 2006

On Wed, 5 Jul 2006 20:02:55 -0500 Derrick T. Woolworth wrote:

> Has anyone had success with SATA300 controllers with FreeBSD 6.1?  I've been
> trying Promise and nVidia nForce4 and I'm not having any luck.  Using a MSI

I have an nForce4 built-in card on amd64 motherboard and use it as a
testing machine with 6.1-STABLE/7.0-CURRENT amd64/i386 worlds.
Everyting is fine so far (crossing fingers).

> K8NGM2-L motherboard and others, but 6.1's installation hangs as soon as it
> sees ad4.  I've also tried using an Adaptec 1210SA controller and had zero
> results.  I've read that the chipset on this controller is not very good -
> forces serialized access to the controller's channels???  Nevertheless, I've
> got a K8N Diamond motherboard on a workstation and I was able to at least
> "start" the 6.1 installation.  I have no idea if its stable.  At this point,
> I'd settle for just knowing "which" SATA300 controller to use that will work
> successfully and "well" with FreeBSD 6.0 OR 6.1.  Another question, would I
> have more success installing 6.0 and then upgrading the kernel and
> recompiling with a build-world?

> I'm currently trying to build a moderate large system with 4 presentation
> servers, 2 database servers and one large storage system using NFS mapped to
> ~1.2 terrabyte of SATA disks (4x Maxtor 500GB 7200 RPM disks w/RAID5
> config).  Any suggestions?

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