Alternative compiler toolchain ?

Joseph Koshy joseph.koshy at
Sat Jul 1 13:17:06 UTC 2006

jml> I've found some other compilers on the web:
jml>  (LGPL)

dn> tcc is very fast, probably has the most modern C parser of
dn> the lot, and might even be able to build world except that
dn> the shared binaries it generates aren't able to be loaded
dn> by our rtld.  It looks like tcc only emits the bare
dn> minimum to get Linux to run the executable, and I don't
dn> know enough about the ELF format to fill in the blanks.

Other bugs with tcc on FreeBSD:
 -  tcc generated executables are missing an
    entry in their ELF program-header table and so do not
    execute directly.  You can work around this by
    using the base system ld for the final link step.
 -  Someone reported that a few of our headers don't
    compile with tcc.  I haven't tracked down whether
    this is on account of an unsupported Gcc'ism in
    the header or whether this is a bug in tcc.

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