Loading gzipped mfsroot

David S. Madole david at madole.net
Mon Nov 28 14:18:32 GMT 2005

From: "Iasen Kostov" <tbyte at otel.net>

> I've seen a lot of examples where peeple load gzipped mfsroot images
> and everything looks fine for them, but not for me. It loads
> uncompressed image and boots ok, it loads compressed image and does not
> uncompress it and then tries to mount ufs directly on it which fails
> ofcourse. As I saw bay default loader(and pxeboot porbably - its a
> diskless machine which boots over ethernet) have LOADER_GZIP_SUPPORT
> defined so I think I should have gzip support in loader.
> Here is the loader.conf:
> rootfs_load="YES"
> rootfs_name="dlroot.gz"
> rootfs_type="mfs_root"

I've not users this in quite a while, so I may be wrong here, but I think 
what you need is:


If gzip support is compiled in, it will automatically try to fetch 
dlroot.gz first and if it succeeds, it will uncompress and use it. The 
way you have configured it, it tries dlroot.gz.gz, which fails, so then 
it tried to load dlroot.gz as an uncompressed file.


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