Writing a driver for a card reader controller - how?

Thiemo Nordenholz listmember at thiemo.net
Mon Nov 28 12:16:24 GMT 2005

> to find on the mmc web site.  These registers are standard, and I
> anticipate that FreeBSD will have a mmc-bus layer that interacts with
> these things.  My initial take on the newbus hierarchy will look
> something like:
[ ... ]
> Where each bridge driver takes care of providing a standard inteface
> to the mmcbus layer.  That layer would provide the means to do
> transfers and the like.  mmcf would be the interface presented to the
> user for mmc flash cards.

So I suppose I put my driver hacking attempts on the back burner for now and
wait for that mmc framework to be designed?

I still wonder why I cannot really talk with the chip in my notebook,
though. Maybe one day someone crafts a driver for it where I can see how
it's done the right way...

Best wishes,

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