to list all the devices in freebsd &definition analyse

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Sun Nov 27 23:43:16 GMT 2005

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            kylin <fierykylin at> writes:
: i can use pciconf in freebsd to list the pci device ,but how to list
: the device tree in freeebsd?

devinfo -v

: i got some anornymous definition on devclass driver and device that
: differ from the current man page
: i think they seems reasonable but how can devclass  Represents a bus
: or leaf device driver while driver still Represents a bus or
: leaf-level end-device driver ?
: and device is just a instance of bus or (leaf) end-device.??
: is it oop? can the disigner of the arch show us a word?:)
: devclass
: Represents a bus or leaf device driver, e.g. pci_devclass (PCI bus),
: ahc_devclass (Adaptec SCSI host-bus adapter). It contains a list of
: drivers that belong to it. At run-time it also has a list populated by
: device instances of this class indexed by unit numbers.
: driver

devclass is the information about all instances of the device.
device_t is an instance of the device.  The only difference between a
bus and a device is that a bus has children.


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