Running a shell script on becoming the CARP master?

Matthew Hagerty matthew at
Sun Nov 27 02:52:33 GMT 2005

David S. Madole wrote:

> From: "Matthew Hagerty" <matthew at>
>> Are there any hooks into CARP to run a shell script when a machine 
>> becomes the master?  Also, is there a way to force a machine to 
>> become the master without powering off the current master (for 
>> example to do maintenance on the current master)?
> I don't know of any way to do the former, but for the latter it's easy 
> enough to temporarily adjust the advbase setting higher on the master 
> until failover occurs. Set it to at least three times the setting on 
> the slave.
> Or simply ifconfig down the carp interface on the master.
> David
Taking the master carp interface down certainly would accomplish the 
task, I just didn't know if there was a more elegant method.  Thanks for 
the info.


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