6.0-STABLE & powerd: eating my keyboard input

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Thu Nov 24 01:33:52 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I just upgraded from 6.0-RELEASE to -STABLE today (FreeBSD 6.0-STABLE 
#0: Thu Nov 24 00:40:48 WET 2005). After the upgrade I couldn't login 
anymore, so I thought I probably erased master.passwd by mistake with 
mergemaster, and rebooted into single user mode. Here I reset both root 
and my user account password, and processed to multiuser, only to fail 
the login again. Both on KDE and console. I rebooted again into single 
user, and changed both password to 3 characters. Now I could login, but 
every word I typed would have some letters wiped out (that was why the 
login was failing, it was "eating" my password).

A quick 'top' inspection showed powerd using ~30% CPU, which is 
abnormal. I killed it, and voila! No more letter-eating. I started it 
again, and back to the same.

powerd has always worked fine, it started behaving like this when I 
upgraded just an hour ago. This is a centrino laptop from acer. 
Comments, suggestions ?

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