sysinit how does nexus find legacy's driver?

kylin fierykylin at
Mon Nov 21 17:04:40 GMT 2005

The nexus_attach(device_t dev) will call

bus_generic_probe(device_t dev)
	devclass_t dc = dev->devclass;
	driverlink_t dl;

	TAILQ_FOREACH(dl, &dc->drivers, link) {//here configure has point out
the relation?
		DEVICE_IDENTIFY(dl->driver, dev);//here refer to the son's
IDENTIFY,make son's device structure

	return (0);
the question is
in TAILQ_FOREACH(dl, &dc->drivers, link)
how does nexus get legacy's  driver in its devclass ?
have it done in the SI_SUB_DRIVER part?of initialization?

What happen during sSI_SUB_DRIVER ,does devclass for each driver initialized?

May be the before SI_SUB_CONFIGURE, SI_SUB_DRIVER will first be
implement ,and the relative drivers will connect to each other.
I am sure that in autoconf.c ,the dl->link does not be add in ,so
where does the nexus find legacy?
In devclass_find_inernal
	TAILQ_FOREACH(dc, &devclasses, link) {
		if (!strcmp(dc->name, classname))
	}found nothing ,


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