a puzzle about FreeBSD

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Sat Nov 19 15:18:57 GMT 2005


On 11/19/05, 郭振华 <gzh at net.pku.edu.cn> wrote:
> I am very interested in FreeBSD but it is difficult to master it. There is
> little resource related to the most basic and fundamental problems.
> I read the source code of a project. I don't understand SYSCTL_IN macro and
> SYSCTL_PROC macro. I want to know when my function registered in SYSCTL_PROC
> is called.
> In addition, can you give me some advanced reference books or websites which
> are useful?

If you are reading the kernel then you would find the "Architecture
Handbook" useful.  The FreeBSD Simplified Chinese Project is
translating the book into Chinese, and you can look at the WIP
snapshot here:


The English version is at:


We would appreciate if you would provide some feedback about our translation :-)

Xin LI <delphij at delphij.net> http://www.delphij.net

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