Date set to epoch when root filesystem is cd9660

Dario Freni saturnero at
Fri Nov 18 23:34:34 GMT 2005

Hi guys,
I encountered this problem during the summer, asked on current@ but
didn't receive response.

When root filesystem is cd9660, the date of the system is set to epoch.

I made some empiric debugging, discovering that the problem strongly
depends on the mountroot setting and not on the different loader used
for cd-boot. Have taken a look at the code and discovered what it seems
to me the responsible of the bug.


              * We mount devfs prior to mounting the / FS, so the first
              * entry will typically be devfs.
              mp = TAILQ_FIRST(&mountlist);
              KASSERT(mp != NULL, ("%s: mountlist is empty", __func__));
              * Iterate over all currently mounted file systems and
              * the time stamp found to check and/or initialize the RTC.
              * Typically devfs has no time stamp and the only other FS
              * is the actual / FS.
             do {
                    if (mp->mnt_time != 0)
                    mp = TAILQ_NEXT(mp, mnt_list);
             } while (mp != NULL);

Haven't investigate further, but I think that when the root is cd9660,
mp->mnt_time is 0 and inittodr isn't initialised.

Any idea on how to resolve this?

Bye and thanks in advance,

Dario Freni (saturnero at
FreeSBIE developer (
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