Filesystem monitoring question

Eric Anderson anderson at
Thu Nov 17 17:24:09 GMT 2005

Robert Watson wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Nov 2005, Giovanni P. Tirloni wrote:
>> Using kqueue you can monitor a file/directory for changes and have it 
>> trigger something when that event happens. But you want to monitor you 
>> whole partition.. perhaps intercept some syscalls ?
> Depending on your requirements, you may be able to use ktrace(1) to 
> monitor the path lookups of all processes on the system by logging them 
> to a file and tracking the file.
> With Audit support, shortly to be imported into the tree, you'll be able 
> to do similar things, although in a more configurable way.

This got me thinking - what would be the appropriate way for someone to 
have the kernel dump filesystem info to a userland process?  What I'm 
wondering, is if one could wedge in some parts to the vfs code, that 
spits out things like vnode, vnop, etc, to a place where a userland app 
could listen and do something with that info.  It would have to be a 
path that would cause the least delay in dumping the data of course, 
perhaps a /dev/ device entry, or unix domain socket?


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