How to make my new driver be configurable in the kernel configuration file?

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Nov 16 20:14:22 GMT 2005

Yong Ma wrote:

>Thank you! I did as that but came across some problems,these are the jobs and the errors:
> 1) I copyed the files to the sys/dev/mydevice and added "dev/mydevice/mydevice.c   optinonal mydevice" in the file /usr/src/sys/conf/files.i386,

At one stage you could add your own file called "files.MYKERNEL", where 
MYKERNEL is in the
name given in the 'ident' line of the "MYKERNEL" file.
I have not checked if this still works,  but it stops you frm having to 
edit the supplied
"files" and "files.i386" files.

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