Help: Asus P5WD2 mobo and ITE IDE controller problem

Roland Smith rsmith at
Sun Nov 13 23:37:43 GMT 2005

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 10:13:51AM +1100, Murray Taylor wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have had a system configured using this mobo and have hit a
> showstopper.
> The HDD (a seagate 330GB IDE) have been connected to the ITE IDE
> controller
> while the DVDrom has been connected to the primary IDE controller. 
> It seems that the ITE device is a RAID controller, and the BIOS and
> the 5.4 FreeBSD installer dont see the HDD at all.  Which is not very
> useful!

The ASUS site doesn't mention what type the ITE controller is. According
to the ata(4) manual page, only the IT8211F and IT8212F are supported.

But according to the motherboard layout drawing in the manual, it is
indeed a IT8211F, so it should be supported. Are you sure it is enabled?

> The mobo has a SATA port as well, and the question is
> Does 5.4 support SATA drives for install? 


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