Sierra Wireless / AC775 / Loading an external cisfile as a 'quirck'

M. Warner Losh imp at
Sat Nov 12 17:49:31 GMT 2005

In message: <20051112072658.Q14448 at>
            Dirk-Willem van Gulik <dirkx at> writes:
: I've got the (correct) CIS files below for a Sierra Wireeless Airnet 775
: (AC775) card. The actual data on the card (see second cut-and-paste) is
: wrong (i.e. multi function instead of a modem).
: So I am looking for a way to either import a CIS file dynamically; at run
: time - or to translate a CIS file in what I assume should be a quirk entry
: in the file /sys/dev/pccard/pccard_cis_quirks.c (is that corect) ?

OpenBSD solved this problem by listing this card in
pcmica_cis_quirk.c.  Maybe you can try that as an iterrum solution?
That's the short term solution.  I really hate the quirks in the
present system and plan on doing something about it.

: I.e. something akin to:
: 	#cat SW_775_SER.dat > /dev/pccard0.cis
: Looking for a solution on either 5, 6 or CURRENT.
: Any hints - or guidance how to best map this into the quirk section - as
: the fields are not quite clear to me.

We just got the ability to dump the CIS out of a card.  It is unclear
how we should go about replacing the CIS in the kernel.  Do we do this
by loading the CIS in before the card is inserted?  Do we keep a
database of bad cards and automatically subsitute the right one?  Do
we detach an reprobe the card when a new CIS is loaded in (like your
example above)?

Being able to load CIS in would fix a bunch of multi-function cards
that aren't listed as such (and vice versa).


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