SSH From within a Jail

d c casteld73 at
Sat Nov 12 12:13:47 GMT 2005


I currently am running Freebsd 6.0 Release.

I am experimenting with jails and have run into a
problem.  I need to ssh from within my jail to another
server.  Actually I need to use scp.  WHen I try it I
get the error:  "Host key verification failed."

>From the host machine I can succefully ssh or scp to
any available server that I may have.  As typical with
the jail setups I do have a separate aliased IP
address for the jailed environment.  I thought
possible it had to do with the security mib
"raw_sockets".  I set this to one.  To confirm it was
enacted I was able to successfully ping from the jail
but still unable to use the ssh protocol.

I googled this topic and it seems noone else has run
into this.  

Any Ideas


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