No interrupts coming to device driver.

Alexander Nedotsukov bland at
Thu Nov 10 08:50:13 GMT 2005


I trying to create small lirc ( compatible CIR driver for 
it8705 chip (sits on ISA bus). My problem is I can not get interrupts 
coming to driver. I believe I configured chip (carrier freq. + baudrate 
divisor) and enabled interrupt mode the same way it windows driver does. 
It also seems to be correct according to chip specs. But nothing. vmstat 
-i shows zeros for assigned irq. And my IRS stay cold. I wrote small 
userland program which polls CIRs IIR (interrupt identefication 
register) and it shows interrupt pending bit set on right after I press 
key on remote control. Looks like I missed something fundamental. Does 
anyone can give me a hint where to look?


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