nsswitch reviewer wanted

Michael Bushkov bushman at rsu.ru
Thu Nov 3 06:21:04 PST 2005

Hello, Ceri!
I'll do all the necessary changes and will send the updated patch to you 
and to the lists.

>I hadn't realised that.  I'd be interested to see that patch if you
>still have a copy, as it would answer the question of how much work
>doing such a thing would be.  So far as I'm concerned there is no issue
>leaving that in there, I just wanted to make sure that it hadn't slipped
>in by mistake.
There is a patch for the openssh-portable port here:

I'll make a patch to the standard openssh distribution to commit it to 
the official openssh source-tree and will send you a copy.
Actually, It's not hard to add nsswitch support to the particular 
application - we need to find the places in the code, where lookups are 
done and substitute them with nsdispatch calls. The old code is 
refactored to meet the nsswitch module standards.

>Thanks again for working on this.
I'm really enjoying doing it :)


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