fix for dhclient+aliases

James Flemer jflemer at
Wed Nov 2 20:33:48 PST 2005

Speaking of dhclient and aliases.  Has anyone sucessfully used the
alias { ... } syntax of dhclient.conf after switching dhclients?  I
used to use the following in my dhclient.conf, but had to comment it
out when the OpenBSD dhclient was imported.

|alias {
|  interface "sis1";
|  fixed-address;
|  option subnet-mask;

I hope to check out this patch shortly.  Thanks.


On 11/2/05, Brooks Davis <brooks at> wrote:
> I've got a proposed fix for dhclient interactions with IPv4 aliases.  It
> turns out that my speculation that it was driver issues was wrong and
> that dhclient with reacting to the aliases themselves.  I suspect there
> may be issues with some drivers, but that's not the main problem.
> This patch adds a flag which causes dhclient to ignore address changes
> that it didn't cause.  Does this seem like an acceptable solution?  I'd
> probably add an rc.conf variable similar to background_dhclient.
> -- Brooks

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