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Brooks Davis brooks at
Tue Nov 1 14:58:53 PST 2005

On Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 04:30:00PM -0600, Ben Siemon wrote:
> I have a suggestion for things dev people could do to help out with
> code already done. I noticed the suggestion for compiling with -Wall
> enabled. Would it serve any purpose to compile the sources with -ansi
> and or -pedantic as well? I am fairly new to FreeBSD so forgive me if
> this has alread been addressed.

I think the todo list is dated in this area.  We now compile many files
with large sets of warning flags via the WARNS variable in Makefiles.
It is useful to expand the coverage in this area, but it's not all that
trivial.  It's often fairly easy to make the warning go away without
fixing the real problem the warning represented.  This means that far
too many patches to raise warning levels are useless and waste developer
time.  There's also the fact that such changes need to be tested on
multiple architectures because certain warnings are platform specfic.
At the least testing is needed on i386, alpha, and sparc.

-- Brooks

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