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Julian Elischer julian at
Sat Jul 23 03:23:38 GMT 2005

Jone Jas wrote:

>Hi hackers
>    As far as I know, the FreeBSD jail facility has not the ablitiy to 
>cooperate on network (Am I wrong?). But the Solaris Zones (part
>of the N1 Grid Container) dose have. The N1 Grid Container treat 
>N nodes on network as 1. It can manage resources across network.
>    We have to admit that Solaris Zones is more powerful than jail.
>Does jail has such ToDo plan? If so, we have a long way to go :-)

marco zec has a set of patches for freebsd 4.x
that implements something like this
however it would be hard to port it to 5.x

virtualisation is however something that continues to be studied.

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