Bus Driver probe and attach device

室町優香 yuka.muromachi at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 06:38:39 GMT 2005


I'm trying to written Azalia (HD Audio) driver for freebsd now.

The HDA controller is a standard controller, which can take max 
15 codecs. I'm planning made it be a bus driver (azalia bus).

I tried to read the PCI, USB and Firewire driver code be sample.
It looks:

1. Detect codec which already connected to azalia controller.
2. call device_add_child(azbus_dev, NULL, -1); to create a child
    device, which attach to azalia bus driver.
3. allocate memory to put codec info (e.g. device id, vendor id, 
    revision..etc), and call device_set_ivars(codec_dev, codec_info);
    save the codec_info ptr into device's ivars.
4. Continue 1 ~ 3, untin all available codecs be added.

After all codecs be added, I call the device_probe_and_attach(azbus_dev);, 
but there is no thing happend. 

Then I try to call bus_generic_attach(azbus_dev);, the codecs driver probe
function be called.

Is this correct (use bus_generic_attach()), and I'm interested the detail.

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