help w/panic under heavy load - 5.4

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Jul 19 18:00:01 GMT 2005

On Monday 18 July 2005 11:42 pm, Edwin wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a recurring (re-producible) panic on the 5.3/5.4 kernels and I would
> like to ask for some help in tracking it down. :) - it could be some
> misconfig on my part - but i have tried several different configs of the
> kernel - ultimately w/ polling on/off, ipfw on/off, ipfastforwarding on/off
> - although with ipff off - the box still crashes but in a different
> location - it will even crash w/ GENERIC kernel under heavy load.
> I'm not quite sure where to look past the below (ie. what variables/etc to
> present to the list).

Try turning INVARIANTS and INVARIANT_SUPPORT on in your kernel and see if you 
can reproduce this.  Also, try to get a traceback in ddb if possible as 
sometimes ddb gives more reliable stack traces.  It looks like your m is 
NULL, in which case the KASSERT() on the previous line should fire if 

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