Advice on psm driver interface ?

Marcin Koziej creep at
Sat Jul 16 13:12:34 GMT 2005

Hello Hackers,

I'm playing with the psm driver and a symantics touchpad - I'd like to send the touch pressure along with x/y coordinates/buttons and then chenge the behaviour of mouse in moused using the pressure.

What would be better: 
1. Extend the struct mousestatus with additional pressure field.
2. Use the mousestatus's z axis movement (dz field). It in fact IS the third dimension, right? The whole concept of z being used for scrolling at times, and at times scrolling being just additional buttons is odd to me.
3. Use another ioctl like MOUSE_SYN_GETHWINFO to fetch the pressure value.

What would be best?


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