rc.d ppp dependency

stefan at aeschbacher.ch stefan at aeschbacher.ch
Fri Jul 15 11:16:59 GMT 2005

when using ppp together with pf there seems to exist a dependency problem.
I start ppp and pf with : ppp_enable="YES" and pf_enable="YES" in rc.conf.

At startup when the pf rulefile is loaded, the tun0 (which I use in the pf
config) device does not yet exist and therefore the rules can not load.

I noticed that in /etc/rc.d/ppp-user, ipfilter is resynced after ppp has
started. Shouldn't the same be done for pf?



P.S. a similar problem exists with sshd when a ListenAddress directive is
used with an address configured to tun0

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