How to reset root passwd FreeBSdD4.7

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Jul 13 22:03:42 GMT 2005

Amandeep wrote:
> Hi all,

First, please do Not cross post, we have a rule about that !

... so I dropped cc freebsd-questions at,

> Is there a way to reset the root passwd without reinstalling FreeBSD 4.7.
> Thanks in advance
> Aman

passwd root

[ Except maybe ]
	Various things get crippled now, in the name of avoiding
	`shooting self in the foot' accidents by neophytes. So maybe
	if you're running at a higher kernel security level you
	might need to turn that off.  Don't know how though, I never
	cripple my root access. (& similarly hate eg fdisk -a being
	similarly crippled by sysctl, in the same name of neophyte
	foot shooting prevention )

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