nagios and pthreads

Christophe Yayon lists at
Wed Jul 13 13:53:03 GMT 2005

Thanks Jeremie,

I will asked nagios developpers how to use libpthread, if there is a
configure option when compiling...


> Christophe,
>> Yes but if i understand, there is a bug in libc_r on FreeBSD ?
> libc_r indeed has some kind of bug, I don't know.
> Anyhow, you are using RELENG_5, so you should be using native threads
> with either libpthread (libkse, M:N) or libthr (1:1).
> I don't know what Nagios does just after fork(2), it would be worth to
> check.  It appears that fork(2)ing without exec(2)ing or _exit(2)ing
> in a pthreaded program is not a "valid" behaviour, regarding to
> SUSv3 [1].  I don't want to avoid admitting there is a problem in
> FreeBSD threading library, I don't know how other OSes handle this,
> but Nagios folks should really avoid doing what is explicitely
> dissuaded in SUSv3.
> For now, it doesn't resolve your problem unfortunately.
> [1]
>     (look at the "RATIONALE" section)
> --
> Jeremie Le Hen
> < jeremie at le-hen dot org >< ttz at chchile dot org >

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