Forcing a packet through an interface (OT?)

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Tue Jul 12 15:18:14 GMT 2005

Mario Lobo wrote:

>Yeah Stefan. They do take the default route. That is what I am already doing.
>I even wrote a little prog using a variation of ping to do just that.
>The problem lies with the fact that, there is a router between my rl0 and the internet.
>1) rl0 -----------> router ----------> antenna ------>  ISPx ------> internet
>So the fact that i can ping the hop next to rl0 doesn´t mean the link is up :(.
>That is why I NEED to ping something on the internet.
I don't think so.  You can follow Chad Leigh's advice and ping a router 
on your ISP.  Figure out where your packets through ISP1 are routed (try 
traceroute) and then add a static route through ethernet1 to that 
router.  You can do similar for ISP2.  Then a ping of either router will 
always try to go through the network card appropriate to that ISP.


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